A refugee returns to her home planet in search of a missing ship that holds the key to saving humanity.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: This breathtaking space opera about a missing ship and the soldier-for-hire searching for it features a strong female lead and explores some of the most pivotal issues of our time—including environmental collapse, refugee crises, and nationalism.



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2.1 The Guilty

Six months after the wormhole closed, Niko and the others left behind race to find another way out of their dying solar system.

Aug 3, 202032m

2.2 Faraway Star

A daring escape and a new friend give Niko something they haven’t had in a long time: hope.

Aug 26, 202044m

2.3 Orbit

On the other side of the wormhole, Asala sets off to explore their new world while Hana looks for a way back.

Sep 2, 202036m

2.4 Stranger in a Strange Land

Asala reaches the ground colony, but Salvation might not be the perfect home she’s looking for.

Sep 9, 202039m

2.5 A Modest Proposal

Hana continues her search for a way home while Niko poses as a soldier to look for Asala.

Sep 16, 20201h 1m

2.6 Demons

A trek through the wilderness, mysterious spores, and strange dreams. Is something wrong with Salvation?

Sep 23, 202055m

2.7 Deliverance

Niko gives 3D printing a body another try and learns the horrifying truth about what Uzochi plans to do with Salvation.

Sep 30, 202058m

2.8 Things Fall Apart

While Uzochi tells Hana about her plans to open a new wormhole, Asala runs into trouble with the raiders.

Oct 7, 202057m

2.9 A Great Escape

Reunited at last, Asala and Niko team up to escape from the raiders’ camp.

Oct 14, 202051m

2.10 Onward

Asala and Niko race to find Hana and convince her to join them in stopping Uzochi.

Oct 21, 20201h 10m

2.11 The Last Light in the Sky

As Uzochi races to open a new wormhole, Niko realizes that they are the only one who can stop her.

Oct 28, 202056m

2.12 Another Way

As the dust settles, Asala finally finds a way forward without leaving anyone behind.

Nov 4, 202046m

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