The Witch Who Came in From the Cold Season 1
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The Witch Who Came in From the Cold

Magic, Long Binge, Woman Lead


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Spycraft and Witchcraft collide during Cold-War-era Prague. As members of feuding occult societies battle for control across the Iron Curtain, A KGB agent and CIA operative are drawn into the crossfire.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Cold War spy thriller, magical conspiracies



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1.1 A Long Cold Winter

Espionage and the occult collide in Cold War Prague.

Jan 27, 20161h 26m
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1.2 A Voice on the Radio

Tanya enjoys some quality family time. Gabe gets an introduction to magic.

Feb 3, 20161h 38m

1.3 Double Blind

Tanya and the Host make a break for it. Gabe seeks redemption.

Feb 10, 20161h 25m

1.4 Stasis

Gabe pokes into some dark corners. And Jordan gets an unexpected offer.

Feb 17, 20161h 26m

1.5 The Golem

Gabe and Jordan find themselves in grave circumstances. Tanya barges in.

Feb 24, 20161h 32m

1.6 A Week Without Magic

A visitor from Moscow Center has Tanya seeing red. Gabe baits his hook.

Mar 2, 20161h 24m

1.7 Radio Free Trismegistus

Gabe makes an elemental discovery. Tanya and Sasha play cat-and-mouse.

Mar 9, 20161h 31m

1.8 Cover the Silence

A party at the Soviet embassy. A showdown at Bar Vodnář.

Mar 23, 20161h 28m

1.9 Head Case

The golem makes its move. So does Joshua Toms.

Mar 30, 20161h 15m


Operation ANCHISES starts with a bang. The hunter becomes the hunted.

Apr 6, 20161h 21m

1.11 King’s Gambit Accepted

Sasha plays a pawn sacrifice. But who is the pawn?

Apr 13, 20161h 27m

1.12 She’ll Lie Down In The Snow

Tanya is out of time. Gabe is out of options.

Apr 20, 20161h 36m

1.13 Company Time

A traitor is unmasked. The gloves come off.

Apr 27, 20161h 31m

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