Spycraft and Witchcraft collide during Cold-War-era Prague. As members of feuding occult societies battle for control across the Iron Curtain, A KGB agent and CIA operative are drawn into the crossfire.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Cold War spy thriller, magical conspiracies



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2.1 Awakening

The Flame makes a move as new arrivals shake things up.

Feb 8, 20171h 22m

2.2 Complicating Factors

Gabe and Tanya seek a Flame bigwig. Josh goes underground.

Feb 22, 20171h 29m

2.3 Old Game, New Players

Zerena suggests a plan and throws a party. Gabe makes several troubling discoveries.

Feb 22, 20171h 28m

2.4 Earth and Salt, Fire and Mercury

The Flame hosts a ritual. Nadia makes a new friend.

Mar 8, 20171h 30m

2.5 Trust, But Verify

The mobsters of Prague play multiple sides. Nadia has a plan.

Mar 15, 20171h 33m

2.6 Talisman

A fight night sees action outside the ring. Nadia and Van come clean.

Mar 22, 20171h 30m

2.7 Bishop Takes Queen

Zerena pulls Tanya deeper into her web. Josh steps into Ice business.

Mar 29, 20171h 33m

2.8 What's Gone, What's Left Behind

The Ice’s plan goes into action. A surprise player takes the field.

Apr 5, 20171h 29m

2.9 Aftermath

Josh and Edith confront their new reality. Zerena misses a step.

Apr 19, 20171h 27m

2.10 The Mirror Cracked

Edith follows a dangerous lead. Zerena's grand designs are threatened.

Apr 26, 20171h 31m

2.11 Absent Friends

Frank and Sasha come face to face. Gabe is held on suspicion of murder.

May 3, 20171h 22m

2.12 Zügzwang

Frank is held captive. Tanya and Josh pick sides. The Flame get ready.

May 10, 20171h 23m

2.13 We All Fall Down

The ritual begins. A Host rises up.

May 17, 20171h 28m

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