If you could go back and change the past, would you? What would happen if you did? A young man who caused a fatal car crash is about to find out.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Time travel gone wrong, sci-fi adventure, mysterious women

Written by Josh Anderson.



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Episode 1

Two years ago, Kyle caused a fatal car crash. Now he might have a chance to go back and stop it.

Dec 23, 20191h 3m

Episode 2

Kyle travels back to 1998 and meets a woman named Allaire.

Dec 23, 20191h 6m

Episode 3

Kyle is back in the present. Things aren’t as different as he hoped.

Dec 23, 201956m

Episode 4

After another attempt to prevent the crash, all Kyle has done is make things worse.

Dec 23, 201958m

Episode 5

Allaire rescues Kyle from youth detention and takes him to the future.

Dec 23, 20191h 10m

Episode 6

Kyle tries one more time to save the kids—but is it even possible to make things right?

Dec 23, 201954m

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