Tremontaine Season 1
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In a world of politics, manners, and intrigue, a duchess, a scholar, a tradeswoman, and a genius all fight for their place.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Sword-fighting, political intrigue, a satisfying story with queer and racially diverse characters, assassinations and torrid affairs



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1.1 Arrivals

Swordplay, scandal, and sex—welcome to the world of Tremontaine

Jun 4, 20151h 52m
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1.2 The North Side of the Sun

The Balams throws a banquet for the prodigal Kaab. Sparks fly when Rafe makes a new acquaintance.

Nov 4, 20151h 38m

1.3 Heavenly Bodies

Rafe and Kaab look for love in all the wrong places. Diane cuts a deal.

Nov 11, 20151h 59m

1.4 A Wake in Riverside

Dead men tell tales. Micah solves a problem. 

Nov 18, 20151h 33m

1.5 The Dagger and the Sword

Kaab goes blade to blade against Riverside's finest.

Nov 25, 20151h 43m

1.6 A Fair Hand

The City prepares for the event of the season.

Dec 2, 20151h 49m

1.7 The Swan Ball

An Ugly Duckling attends the Swan Ball. Diane gets desperate.

Dec 9, 20151h 43m

1.8 A City Without Chocolate

Rafe sits for his exams and a desperate city seeks substitutes for chocolate.

Dec 23, 20151h 44m

1.9 Lies in Our Stars

Micah makes a breakthrough. And Kaab faces the music.

Dec 30, 20151h 30m

1.10 Shadowroot

Death returns to Riverside. Diane makes a fateful choice.

Jan 6, 20161h 34m

1.11 Go and Tell the Morning Star

Will fears he is losing his mind. Kaab unlocks a deadly secret.

Jan 13, 20161h 49m

1.12 A Tale of Two Ladies

Diane's secret is revealed. And Kaab makes an offer that cannot be refused.

Jan 20, 20161h 39m

1.13 Departures

Kaab triumphant. Diane ascendant. And Rafe gets a consolation prize.

Jan 27, 20161h 49m

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