In a world of politics, manners, and intrigue, a duchess, a scholar, a tradeswoman, and a genius all fight for their place.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Sword-fighting, political intrigue, a satisfying story with queer and racially diverse characters, assassinations and torrid affairs



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2.1 Convocation

The Council of Lords is back in session and Diane looks to cement her power.

Oct 19, 20161h 38m

2.2 Old in Mischief

Vincent makes a splash while Kaab must rescue Micah and Joshua.

Oct 26, 20161h 24m

2.3 Fireworks

Alliances shift as relationships on both the Hill and in Riverside grow complicated.

Nov 2, 20161h 26m

2.4 All That Glitters

Kaab fights her first professional duel. Diane pursues her destiny.

Nov 9, 20161h 38m

2.5 Alive, and Home Here

Kaab contemplates the meaning of home. Diane hosts a spectacle.

Nov 16, 20161h 38m

2.6 Blood and Silk

An unwelcome admirer for Esha provides Diane with an opportunity.

Nov 23, 20161h 30m

2.7 The Duchess Gambit

Diane faces an unexpectedly skilled adversary.

Nov 30, 20161h 34m

2.8 A Rushing of Wings

Micah accompanies Rafe on his mission to rescue Will.

Dec 7, 20161h 33m

2.9 The Heart A Liability

Diane navigates her precarious position, and Tess’s loyalties are torn.

Dec 14, 20161h 32m

2.10 The Coming Night

Diane offers Rafe a deal as Kaab attempts to bargain with Tess.

Dec 21, 20161h 26m

2.11 In the Shadow of Riverside

Vincent is forced into a confrontation; Kaab offers Diane an opportunity.

Jan 4, 20171h 37m

2.12 Smoke and Ashes

Diane seeks help; Kaab and Vincent face their duel’s consequences.

Jan 11, 20171h 23m

2.13 Dissolution

Diane has her day in Council; Kaab prepares to leave the city.

Jan 18, 20171h 30m

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