Tremontaine Season 3
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In a world of politics, manners, and intrigue, a duchess, a scholar, a tradeswoman, and a genius all fight for their place.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Sword-fighting, political intrigue, a satisfying story with queer and racially diverse characters, assassinations and torrid affairs



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3.1 Ambition

Diane looks to cement her power, but not all goes according to plan.

Oct 11, 20171h 36m

3.2 The Siege of Riverside

Tess is determined to do what she must to keep Riverside whole.

Oct 18, 20171h 38m

3.3 The Bridge

Kaab makes a stunning discovery.

Oct 25, 20171h 36m

3.4 Night of the Flames

The Inspector arrives.

Nov 1, 20171h 27m

3.5 Every Face a Forgery

Kaab takes over Saabim’s spy networks.

Nov 8, 20171h 26m

3.6 My Life for Your Life

Kaab tracks down a recalcitrant spy.

Nov 15, 20171h 26m

3.7 Into the Woods

Diane hosts a hunting party.

Nov 22, 20171h 29m

3.8 Behind the Mask

First day of school!

Nov 29, 20171h 27m

3.9 Sword and Spirit

Davenant exacts his revenge.

Dec 6, 20171h 34m

3.10 A Blur of Bright Water

Rafe and Diane come to an agreement.

Dec 13, 20171h 33m

3.11 Dragon Rampant

Diane announces Will’s death.

Dec 20, 20171h 28m

3.12 Surrounded

The school under siege!

Jan 3, 20181h 24m

3.13 A City's Favor

Challenges issued, challenges met.

Jan 10, 20181h 33m

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