Tremontaine Season 4



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4.1 Potential

A plan to change the City forever threatens Riverside.

Sep 12, 20181h 24m

4.2 What Goes Up

Diane moves to take control of the bridge project.

Sep 19, 20181h 24m

4.3 Building Bridges

Kaab has a warning for Tess.

Sep 26, 20181h 16m

4.4 A World of Change

Kaab discovers a terrifying new threat.

Oct 3, 20181h 26m

4.5 The Turning of the Tide

The Salamander has an appointment.

Oct 10, 20181h 27m

4.6 What Light in the Houses Beneath the Earth?

Rafe and Reza come to some realizations.

Oct 17, 20181h 24m

4.7 What the River Wants

Kaab and Tess have a reunion.

Oct 24, 20181h 27m

4.8 A City in Crisis

Kaab gets her revenge.

Nov 14, 20181h 22m

4.9 After the Flood

A message from Binkiinha.

Nov 16, 20181h 24m

4.10 The Cacao Tree

Dreams of foreign shores.

Nov 28, 20181h 26m

4.11 Set the Night on Fire

The river has more to take.

Dec 5, 20181h 31m

4.12 Onward

New beginnings require difficult ends.

Dec 12, 20181h 28m

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