Never Alone

Nate has an ordinary life, but he’s haunted by blood-splattered dreams. When mysterious visitors arrive, he has a feeling that everything might change.

Oct 30, 20191h 6m

Full Moon Tonight

“You carry the curse in you . . . There is no forgiveness for the cursed.”

Nov 22, 20191h 6m

The Scent of Blood

“A weapon,” the old man said, “against the wolf.”

Nov 22, 20191h 5m

The Hidden Blade

A mass slightly lighter than the black of the night grew larger as it approached. A pair of red eyes struck him.

Nov 22, 20191h 15m

Broken Little Girl

Dove stared up at him as a burning red skull. She was a signal fire in the night. The bluish blade extended behind her, ready to strike.

Nov 22, 20191h 11m

Nowhere to Hide

“The Canaanites have violated the peace we’ve worked for centuries to protect. They have attacked the innocent.”

Nov 22, 201956m

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