When a Portuguese princess marries the King of England, she encounters unexpected obstacles, including the king’s mistress.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Vivid, smooth narration, historical fiction, serious drama and romance



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1. Embarkations

England gets a new queen, but will Whitehall prefer a reigning mistress?

May 18, 20161h 30m
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2. Skilled Artifice

Weddings, baptisms, and a birth.

May 25, 20161h 25m

3. On His Blindness

A king and queen at war.

Jun 1, 20161h 27m

4. Wit in All Languages

Fortune favors the bold.

Jun 8, 20161h 15m

5. The Rules of the Game

New arrivals cause a stir.

Jun 15, 20161h 27m

6. Divine Passion

A queen’s debut.

Jul 13, 201658m

7. Imperfect Enjoyment

Piety, hedonism, and some Russians.

Jul 20, 20161h 20m

8. Ambitions Which Climb Upwards

On hearts and human nature.

Jul 27, 20161h 15m

9. The Marriage of True Minds

Grey days and bright dawns.

Aug 3, 20161h 15m

10. Our Hope Alone

Whispers behind closed doors.

Aug 10, 20161h 18m

11. A King and No King

A desperate dance of love and loss.

Aug 17, 20161h 16m

12. More Harmony in Her Bright Eye

A flood of change.

Aug 24, 20161h 9m

13. Safe Harbor

Curtain call at the Theatre Royal.

Aug 31, 20161h 13m

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