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Travel from Wakanda to Hell’s Kitchen, from Asgard to Russia. Fight crime, kick butt. Get all four Marvel series from Serial Box and have the best time you’ve had since wearing your Captain America costume to the movies last year.

Marvel’s Thor: Metal Gods

A space adventure on an epic scale, Metal Gods propels Thor and Loki on a quest to recover a dangerous alien artifact.

Together with a Korean tiger-goddess, a charismatic, gender-fluid space pirate, and Frost Giant mercenaries, the sons of Odin must each confront their pasts and face the truth behind the destruction of a planet that Thor once tried to help.

Tinged with humor, celestial horror, complex relationships, space battles, barroom brawls, and blasts of sheer fun.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire

Jessica Jones has made an art of ignoring her particular brand of super-powered trauma. But these days, she’s giving the whole “self-care” thing a try. Seeing a therapist, finding healthier coping mechanisms (read: no business-hours drinking), working toward not wanting to punch things all the time. Maybe even taking the occasional case that won’t eat her alive. A simple missing persons case seems like just the ticket.

But when a boy’s body turns up under an overpass in what looks like a cut-and-dried OD, Jessica can’t let it go and dives headlong into an obsessive search for answers.

Marvel’s Black Widow: Bad Blood

Someone has stolen the Black Widow’s blood. As Natasha Romanoff follows the trail across the globe, she discovers she wasn’t the only target. Whoever is responsible stole Bucky Barnes’ blood, too.

Despite a tangled web of shared history stretching back to their Red Room days, Barnes and Romanoff must join forces, confronting the demons of their past as they race to protect their future. A single drop of blood could be all it takes to save the world—or destroy it.

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Marvel’s Black Panther: Sins of the King

T’Challa strives for excellence—to be a fair and worthy king, a global citizen, an Avenger. But when an army of undead threatens Wakanda, The Black Panther turns to his long-lost father in the fight against his most lethal opponent yet—the demons of his past.

What is Serial Box?

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We’re a studio and platform that creates and curates award-winning sci-fi, fantasy, and horror audiobooks.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or send us an email at [email protected].

Where can I enjoy the content?

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You can use our iPhone app or Android app.

How much does Serial Box cost?

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It’s free to download and browse everything on our app. You can buy stuff a la carte or via membership. Our a la carte audiobooks typically range in price from $0.99 to $19.99. A bonus ebook is included for select titles.

What’s your catalog like?

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We have a curated selection of 100+ must-hear audiobooks we've created and licensed.

How do you create originals?

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Just like your favorite television shows, a team of writers gets together to collaboratively create the entire story.

We work with bestselling authors like Ira Madison III, Mohale Mashigo, Geoffrey Thorne, Tananarive Due, Sara Shepard, L.L. McKinney, Catherynne M. Valente, Malka Older, Ken Liu, and Ellen Kushner.

How do downloads work?

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You can download our audiobooks to your phone or tablet for offline use, and access them through our app as long as you have an active Serial Box account. We don’t support EPUB or MOBI platforms at this time—but we know our customizable player will enchant even the most discerning die-hard.

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