Emmy-nominated actor Richard Cabral stars as Joaquin Murrieta in Blood & Gold.
To some he was a hero. To others, a villain. He stained 19th century California with the blood of his enemies. He was a desperado, a leader, an avenger for his people… and an inspiration for Hollywood’s Zorro. Written by one of his descendants, this is the story of how Joaquin Murrieta becomes a legend. Before he was an outlaw, he was just Joaquin: a young man in love who believed anything was possible. But as he fights for a better life with his beloved Rosita, the irresistible dream of the California Gold Rush quickly turns into a nightmare. White men rule this land with prejudice and terror, and Joaquin’s success only fuels their jealousy and resentment. Their answer is an act of unspeakable violence. Driven to take bloody vengeance, Joaquin hunts down his enemies one by one. In the face of American savagery, Joaquin takes up the life of an outlaw—one determined to strike back at his oppressors and reclaim a place in this vast land for himself and his people.

Starring Richard Cabral. Written by Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Peter Murrieta. Adapted for audio by Greg Cox. Directed by Fred Greenhalgh and Elizabeth Knowelden. Produced by Hayley Wagreich, Fred Greenhalgh, Marco Palmieri, and Kailynn West. Executive Produced by Russell Binder, Julian Yap, Richard Cabral, Molly Barton, Marci Wiseman, and Peter Murrieta. Sound Designed by Eric Mooney. Audio Mixed by Rory O'Shea. Audio mastered by Rory O'Shea. Additional sound design by Rory O'Shea. Additional Sound Editing by Cory Barton. Original Score and Composition by Juan Carlos Enriquez. Music supervision by Marcus Bagala. Loop group actors: Eddie Santiago, Vivianne Nacif, Daniel Mora, Ruth Livier, and Levi Nunez. Art by Kyndal Thomas. Production Manager: Alexis Latshaw. Production Coordinator: Angela Yih. Historical notes read by Elena Rey. Regional dialect coaching by Luis Armando Mercado Campos. Spanish dialogue translated by Alana Graffam. Executive in Charge for Realm: Mary Assadullahi. Casting by Sunday Boling and Meg Morman.



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Introducing Blood & Gold, starring Richard Cabral

Blood & Gold premieres Fall 2022

Sep 8, 20221m

1. Joaquin

At the height of the Mexican-American War, Joaquin Murrieta is 15 and in love, but an act of violence against his community gives him new purpose.

Sep 29, 202239m

2. Rosita

En route to California, Joaquin and Rosita have big dreams, but the journey is dangerous and their marriage begins with a bang.

Oct 6, 202237m

3. Gold

Joaquin and Rosita begin their new life in California, but their new home is not as welcoming as they had hoped.

Oct 13, 202238m

4. Blood

Tensions between Joaquin’s family and their racist neighbors boil over—and a brutal act of violence sets Joaquin on a new path.

Oct 20, 202237m

5. Vengeance

On his new mission, Joaquin finds community—and his first taste of revenge.

Oct 27, 202238m

6. Brother

Joaquin’s hopes for a fresh start are shattered once again and, on behalf of all Mexicans, he vows to strike back.

Nov 3, 202241m

7. Tres Dedos

Joaquin and his new gang of outlaws begin their reign, and California’s racist rule shudders in their wake.

Nov 10, 202239m

8. Outlaw

Joaquin’s fearsome reputation is growing, and so are his feelings for someone new.

Nov 17, 202240m

9. Rules

Joaquin is finding his footing as a leader, but when a job goes wrong, cracks form within the ranks.

Dec 1, 202238m

10. Antonia

Joaquin lets someone new into his inner circle—under one dire condition.

Dec 8, 202237m

11. San Jose

In the wake of another failed job, a shocking betrayal reveals a new enemy for Joaquin.

Dec 15, 202236m

12. Dissent

Dissent is growing within the gang, and a bold move by Joaquin puts everyone in danger.

Dec 22, 202237m

13. Pursuit

Joaquin turns the tables on his pursuers and sends a powerful message.

Jan 5, 202337m

Dawn: Soundscapes from the World of Blood and Gold

Enter Joaquin Murrieta's world with an ambient mix of daytime sounds from 19th century California. The breaks over the desert, a horse whinnies, hawks circle overhead.

Nov 3, 202220m

Desert Night: Soundscapes from the World of Blood and Gold

Enter Joaquin Murrieta’s world with an ambient mix of nighttime sounds from 19th century California. A crackling fire, coyotes howl in the distance, an owl hoots, a storm approaches.

Nov 3, 202220m

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